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Working As A Team

A team requires a goal to win and a plan how to get to this objective. The skills, talents, abilities, and strength of all its members are required. One person doesn't make a team, just as one or two people don't make up a State Central Committee. It takes a team of representatives from each district who cannot rely on only its members, it relies on the County Central Committee members and the people they represent "We the People" to pull together, unite, as one body to make the hard decisions to guide our team to victory.

A plan can only be implemented when communication occurs -- with communication from the players "We the People" as well as from each of the respective representatives is essential. As I listened recently to a broadcast, it was said that when President Trump was in office, he talked to the people who were doing the job impacted by a policy change, and he listened to their comments. He took into consideration what he learned as policy changes were being made. Listening is an important ingredient to serving "We the People." People want to have a voice, and listening and then making decisions requires communication. Listening and communicating consistently about our party stands for creates a pathway for people to support the party by volunteering or fundraising.

The road to change is always challenging, because change requires movement in a different direction. However, change only for the sake of change is ineffective. Evaluating where we are and developing a strategic plan forward requires dedication and work.

I am willing to put in the work required that includes engaging and seeking the input of representatives for "We the People."

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