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Why enter the race for Council-At-Large

My husband and I moved to Vermilion 13+ years ago. We were and still are very happy to live in a community on the lake. We have embraced this community and made it our home. However, we are frustrated by the overall cost of living increases, and what appears to be lavish spending by the city. We see that spending does not address the failing infrastructure: roads/streets need repair, rising utility costs (water/sewage) due to what appears to be lack of planning for maintenance and replacement of critical systems. The rising taxes and costs make life more difficult for us as well as many others to afford to live here.

I have through prayer and reflection felt that God was leading me to become involved in city government. I have heard concerns residents are experiencing and expressing because I listen. Listening is not enough and what the community needs are leaders who will be transparent while communicating with residents, in public forums discussing and listening to ideas how to solve problems. People want to be heard and involved in problem solving and find ways to improve our infrastructure and still make living in Vermilion affordable. That is why I am seeking the position of Vermilion City Council-At-Large.

My top priorities:

  • Listening to residents and representing their interests.

  • Reviewing with the eyes of residents how, why, and what monies are spent on, holding the administration responsible and accountable.

  • Stop putting off the problems with water, sewers, roads, etc. and start resolving infrastructure problems. We need plans in place to upgrade or replace infrastructure in a fiscally responsible manner, not just for today but for tomorrow.

The biggest issues facing council, and how we will tackle them:

  • Find ways to generate revenue for the city without raising taxes that burden residents.

  • Restrict out-of-control spending requested on an emergency basis when there is no true emergency.

  • Resolve in a fiscally responsible way city infrastructure (water, sewer system, road, etc.).

The objective will be to discuss and collaborate with residents of the city and seek resources beyond our walls to find solutions to the various problems – utilizing the abilities, skills, talent, knowledge, and wisdom of all.

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