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The role of State Central Committee (SCC) & County Central Committee (CCC)

Updated: Mar 13

What is the State Central Committee (SCC)? 

Two persons, one female and one male is elected to represent the State Senate District for each political party.

What are some of the Objectives for SCC representatives?

Communicate                                 Educate

Plan & Fundraise                            Create Platform

The role of the State Central Committee is to:

  • Establish short-term and long-term goals -- vision and direction for the party.

  • Educate and share about candidates and educate the public.

  • Communicate from the bottom up and communicate from the state level.

  • Develop Party Platform for state.

  • Create strategy for fundraising -- accountability for the Party how funds are utilized.

  • Update, evaluate, and revise Rues to govern the Party.


What is a County Central Committee (CCC)? 

Similar to the SCC, each precinct within a county is represented by one representative for each political party that is elected or in some cases appointed.

The role of a CCC is to:

  1. Provide information about party candidates. 

  2. Obtain information from you concerning issues and matters important to you. 

  3. Share your issues and matters.

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