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Issues that Impact our Daily Lives

I am Writing today to keep you informed. There is an event “Tax Day Rally” being held at Hood Park in Perrysburg, OH on Saturday, April 23rd. I will be there along with other candidates you can find more information about the event at: WOOD: Tax Day Rally – Ohio Freedom Action Network (

I’ve been reading an interesting book Making Government Work, in particular a chapter in this book written by Jacki Deason who is declared “one of the most knowledgeable experts in the nation on energy policy,” provides great insight to issues surrounding fossil fuels. What you may find interesting is what products come from oil. You probably already know that spandex jeans, the polyester blend shirt or blouse you are wearing is a byproduct of oil. So not only is gasoline a byproduct of oil, but there are also other items including drugs that are byproducts of oil. To put this in perspective, most of your daily activities, eating, driving, clothing, drugs, etc. involve the use of oil byproducts.

The Federal government is not in control of the activities of private companies that are drilling or manufacturing oil and byproducts. However, each state has the primary responsibility to issue permits for these companies. What we do know is there are measures taken by the federal government such as the shutdown of the pipeline that occurred at the beginning of the Biden Administration, which resulted in a tremendous impact on our economy with the elimination of jobs and the loss of oil production. Of importance is to recognize that our country is dependent on oil and natural gas. We as a nation have been responsible and cautious to ensure the safety of our environment. Whereas other countries have not taken such measures. The closure of the pipeline disrupted people's lives by taking away meaningful employment and opportunities for additional jobs that could have been created for distribution of oil in the United States -- in an environmentally safe manner.

We must bring change to our Nation. Stand with me as We the People Wake Up and make our Voices Heard.

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