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Immigration & The Borders

As a nation, we have embraced people who want to become a citizen of the United States for the purpose of seeking a better way of life. However, the people coming into our country through the southern border presently may want a better life, but not everyone. We have experienced a rise in drugs, human trafficking, and terrorists entering our country. In addition, the situation is chaotic and dangerous for our border patrol and for the Texas National Guard. Yet Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas testified to Congress that everything was under control. In another statement he indicated differently. I think We the People can see for ourselves what is really happening - chaos.

This week a member of the Texas National Guard, Spec. Bishop Evans died heroically in his attempt to save the life of one of the illegal immigrants. Sadly, no special recognition was given to Spec. Evans for his bravery by our president or his administration. Instead of acknowledging Spec. Evans bravery the administration is pushing the blame of the situation on Governor Abbott and the state of Texas. Shame on the Biden Administration. We should be honoring this soldier because he gave up his life to try to save another.

This incident only emphasizes the need to erect the wall to restrict immigrants from entering our country illegally. As a candidate for Congress Ohio 9th District, I will make border security and immigration a priority.

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