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Fiscal Responsibility/Education

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition, the "Tax Day Rally" in Perrysburg. I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people who like myself want to move our local, state and federal governments in a new direction. I wish you could have been there for this event.

My focus at this event was fiscal responsibility. I shared some personal experience with the audience; I have been married for the last 19 years, but prior to that I was a single parent faced with the realities of raising a son alone. I understand the hardships many single parents, and might I add all families face today as the costs of gas, electricity, food, clothing, etc. keep increasing. As a single parent I worked hard to keep my son and I safe and fed, sometimes having to take on two jobs. I know this story is familiar to many others. I never gave up and kept making improvements in my skills and abilities to increase my marketability for new employment opportunities. I was determined to make life better for my son and I, and I am still determined to make things better for not just me and my husband, but for We The People.

We The People must hold our representatives accountable for spending our tax dollars. As I mentioned in my comments, we cannot allow the national debt to continue and keep borrowing into our future, the future of our children & grandchildren. This spending spree Must STOP. We don't have a magical money tree in the backyard where we can pull off the money we need. Living on a budget is not easy, but we must take the necessary steps to stop spending money we don't have. I will Stand Firm with other conservatives to Stop Out Of Control Spending.

I had the opportunity to meet Josh Williams who is running for State Representative. I encourage you to visit joshwilliamsforohio and if you are in his district, vote for him. Josh spoke about his own journey, he is a very inspiring speaker and has many ideas for changing the educational system in the state. I found his ideas align with the guiding principles of former state of Florida governor Jeb Bush to create a better educational system that allows parents control of their children's education -- and provide opportunities for a valuable education that fosters academic success and not failure as an option. I agree that parents should have a voice and control what their children are learning in preparation for life beyond school.

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