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Fiscal Responsibility

I have been married for the last 20 years, but prior to that I was a single parent faced with the realities of raising a son alone. I understand the hardships many single parents, and might I add all families face today as the costs of gas, electricity, food, clothing, etc. keep increasing. As a single parent I worked hard to keep my son and I safe and fed, sometimes having to take on two jobs. I know this story is familiar to many others. I never gave up and kept improving my skills and abilities. I was determined to make life better for my son and I, and I am still determined to make things better for not just me and my husband, but for everyone.

We must hold our representatives at the local, state and federal levels accountable for spending our tax dollars. We don't have a magical money tree in the backyard where we can pull off the money we need. Living on a budget is not easy, but we must take the necessary steps to stop spending money we don't have. We must use our resources for items high on the priority list, such as infrastructure (maintaining our roads, water and wastewater systems), addressing the needs of the people who live, work, and visit our community.

I will Stand Firm with You to Stop Out Of Control Spending.

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